Argan Oil uses

Argan Oil has a great many uses and can take the place of several of the items you probably already have in your home. Perfect for every member of the family, using it for you hair and skin can change the way you treat yourself everyday of the year.


Just a few drops can change your facial skin care regime. When rinsing your face after washing, massage your face with a few drops of this rich golden oil. Rinse off gently if your skin tends to get oily during the day. If you skin is of a dryer texture, add a few drops to a handful of moisturizer and make it a daily and nightly part of your beauty routine.

Body – Bath, Shower, after Sports

Adding a few drops of Argan Oil to your bath is a luxurious way to relax after a long hard day or to soothe muscles after a work-out. If taking a shower is more your style, be sure to Argan Oil uses when rinsing off to keep moisture close to your skin.

After a bath or shower, using Argan Oil as a moisturizer alone and added to a cream or lotion can help to prevent chafing and dry itchy skin. Elbows, knees and the heels of your feet often show cracked dry skin early on. Massaging Argan Oil deeply into these surfaces can help to penetrate even the most significant dry skin areas.

Arms and Legs with the Sheen of Health

The warm weather months of shorts and short skirts are also a time for Argon Oil to leave your skin looking younger and more alive. Either use from a spray top bottle or add a few drops to the palms of your hands and work upward on your arms and legs. The oil is dry and non-greasy making it easy to wear without staining a favorite summer outfit.

Argan Oil for Beautiful Hair

Add a few drops of the oil to your fingertips and massage onto a dry, itchy or dandruff prone scalp for a soothing sensation. Contributing a small amount to your conditioner after shampooing can help with dry hair. You could also directly add a few drops to the water of your cold or warm final rinse.

Fly away from Flyaway hair, Frizzies and Dry Split Ends

Argan Oil should be applied to freshly washed towel dried hair. Either spray on lightly or add with hands to help with relief from dryness caused by sun and outdoor temperatures, indoor heating or hot styling implements. Sprayed on your hair, a coat can calm down frizz prone locks and unruly stray hairs. It’s smooth texture is also great to add shine to dry, color treated or over processed hair of any length.

It seems that Argan Oil should be the health and beauty product that everyone would appreciate on their sink, tub or shelf. Once you have enjoyed its essence on your hair and skin, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover it sooner.