Argan oil uses – One Product That Can Do It All

When we talk about hair care or facial care or even body care, all we can think about is a basket of diverse products full of chemicals and harmful agents. However, there is a product that can fulfill all your beauty needs naturally with no harmful chemicals. That product is argan oil. There are numerous argan oil uses that can leave you astonished. This particular oil is full of wonderful skin enhancing agents that can make you look and feel beautiful. Following are a few Argan oil uses that can be very helpful to make you look gorgeous.


  • Face Moisturizer:  Post cleaning your face, you can use a few drops of this oil to massage your neck and face gently. Argan beauty oil is known to be a dry oil. Hence, it is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.
  • Hydrating toner:  You can add some drops of this oil in your toner to tone and hydrate at the same time.
  • Brightening and rejuvenating facial mask: You can buy a face mask from the store and add some argan oil to the mask.  Then apply it on your dry and clean face, post an application, leave the mask for about 10 minutes and rinse it off using luke-warm water.
  • Exfoliating Lip moisturizer and scrub: In order to moisturize and smooth your lips, add some vanilla extract and argan oil in finely ground brown sugar. Gently massage on your lips and rinse it off.
  • Face Glow: For a luminous, dewy glow, add some argan oil to your tinted moisturizer, bronzer or foundation.
  • Leave-on Conditioner:  You can add some agree on oil to the scalp, or ends of your hair, post shower, when your hair is wet, to moisturize and hydrate them. It can be used to nourish your hair, particularly if your hair has become dry due to the curling iron, straight iron or blow dryer.
  • Hair Styling Shine:  Use a styling product on your hair post adding some argan oil while your hair is damp. Take some amount on your hands, rub it on your palm and apply it to your hair to tame frizz and create shine. It lasts long; hence use a small amount only.
  • Overnight Hair Treatment:  While going to sleep, massage a good amount of this oil in your scalp, ends and hair, wrap it and go to sleep. Wash your hair in the morning for soft and luminous locks.
  • Heel and cuticle softener:  Take some amount of argan oil and massage it in your cuticles to encourage nail growth, moisturize and soften them. In order to soften your cracked heel, use the argan oil and massage it on your toes and feet and leave it overnight to wake up with smooth and supple feet.
  • Bath and Body Oil: Take your body or bath lotion and add some argan oil in it and massage it on your skin. Argan oil uses do not limit till here, but it can also be used on babies and your pregnant belly to minimize the stretch marks.